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CSIRoad applications have had significant positive impact in the following areas:

Operations Processes:

CRM, Dispatching, Shop Maintenance, Warehousing

Administrative Processes:

CSIRoad applications calculate bills, driver pay, fuel, & mileage.

Results are automatically updated to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger.

There is no reentry of data. The phrase "Once and Done" applies beautifully.

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Quotes And Order Entry

  • Internet Ready
  • As liberal (location to location) or as restrictive as you want to make it
  • Override capability with management accountability reports
  • Integrated to dispatch on acceptance


CSIRoad can generate quotes, accept loads, assign drivers, research and respond to customer, driver, and management's questions.

Features of interest include:

  • Accommodates quick and flexible load entry (Keyboard or Windows options)
  • Dispatchers can design their own planning sheets
  • Warns dispatchers if mismatches occur on hours, physical expiration dates, equipment type, etc.
  • Centralizes the availability of company resources
  • Route Optimization: application generated assignment of resources to loads for dispatcher review and approval
  • Allows dispatchers to define driver, truck, and load filter criteria for load assignment and to view geographic areas
  • Find loads closest to a driver or driver closest to a load
  • Drivers can update load information via on board computers, internet, or direct access to network when in driver's room
  • Provides customers with direct access to their respective loads as well as to tender loads via e-applications
  • Integration to mileage databases: PC Miler and Rand McNally
  • Integration options to other CSI applications such as: Brokerage, Tank Wash, Fleet Maintenance, Keep Fill, Warehousing, and Commodity Sales

Freight Billing

The Freight Billing application allows you to adjust, rate, print or electronically transmit freight bills. Best of all, nothing has to be re-keyed; the billing information updates from dispatching. Additionally, all billing information flows to the other accounting modules when updated.

  • Allows for flexible rating - bills can be automatically and/or manually rated by weight, miles, location, units, flat, commodity, or trailer
  • Allows for tailored special (Accessorial) charges for each customer
  • Numbers and traces history of orders and bills automatically
  • Rebilling is easy and complete
  • Electronic transmittal: EDI, FTP, or EMAIL
  • Master Billing
  • Multiple Commodities option on each bill
  • Keyboard or Windows Entry
  • Provides online history to authorized users
  • Simultaneous online access to relevant information
  • Customer Information, Collections, Accounting
  • Interacts with supplemental IMAGING applications

Driver Settlement

  • Receives Settlement information from dispatching and freight billing
  • Updates settlement data to payroll and/or accounts payable
  • Provides the ability to pay Drivers, Power Units, and Trailers by percent of load revenue, miles run, hours worked, flat amount, or a combination thereof
  • Accommodates trip advances/returns and any other on-the-road expense
  • Generates fuel and mileage and IRP apportion tag reports
  • Allows authorized users to view all details on previously settled records
  • Download Fuel purchases from financial supplier
  • eDriver for driver internet access to secure settlement current and historical information

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Fuel & Mileage

  • Automatically generated from dispatching and billing workflow
  • Easily synchronized to actual odometer readings
  • Audit trail to fuel purchased and tolls paid
  • Integrated to PCFuel tax reports (optional)
  • Fuel and mileage and IRP apportion tag reports

Shop Maintenance

  • Repair Processing allows you to enter labor, part(s), warranty, and outside repair information, each with respective billing options
  • Inventory Processing maintains inventory transactions with costing, locating, reordering, and purchasing capability
  • Preventative Maintenance provides for the establishment of job codes, schedules, and shop reports
  • Tracks fleet wear by hours, miles, time, and fuel
  • Tire Tracking records the tire's location and wear measurement
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Bar Coding
  • Integrated to Dispatching, Safety, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and General Ledger
  • Job standards to be used as work plan and measurement of performance
  • Can record fleet information at multiple locations

Accounts Receivable

  • Direct access to freight bills and supporting documents
  • Capability to fax or email freight bills and supporting documents directly from AR
  • Full collection capability such as notes on each transaction as to when collection calls should be made
  • Accommodates one payment on a Master bill or detailed payments
  • Effectively addresses short and unapplied payments
  • Ability to apply payments by customer or invoice
  • Processes credit and debit memos, as well as miscellaneous invoices
  • User defined aging categories
  • Multi company capable
  • Full range of AR reports

Accounts Payable

  • Tracks multiple checking and AP accounts
  • Processes Recurring Vouchers
  • Integrates with Driver Settlement
  • Accommodates "hand" and/or "quick" checks
  • Generates Cash Requirement reports
  • Prints checks and 1099 forms
  • Direct deposit and electronic 1099 filing
  • Calculates due and discount dates automatically
  • Audit checks to preclude duplicate payment
  • On line cash requirements information
  • Quick and manual check options

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  • Accommodates multiple company and payroll checking accounts
  • Allows for direct deposit
  • Calculates user-defined earnings, deductions, and taxes
  • Integrates with the driver settlement and the general ledger applications
  • Prints checks and W-2 forms
  • Direct Deposit and electronic filing of W-2's
  • Reconciles checks
  • Prepares 941 reports
  • Time clock option

General Ledger

  • Integrates with the other CSI modules for line and staff management
  • Addresses recurring and manually prepared journal entries
  • Processes multiple accounting periods at any time
  • Allows for multi-company and/or department capability
  • Generates both standard and comparative financial and audit reports
  • Records fixed assets
  • Calculates accrual processing

Safety and Accident Reporting

  • Drug testing & tracking
  • Driver personnel management
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Driver violation maintenance
  • Integrated to dispatching for incident reporting

Online Modules is proud to offer integrated online components to its popular CSIRoad transportation management system. CSI.eLoad allows for online tendering and tracking of loads, resulting in great time and cost savings for transportation firms and their dispatching staff. In addition to tendering and tracking loads, CSI.eLogistics includes: a load quote option, an edit load option, and a carrier status option. The latest online module in the CSIRoad suite is CSI.eDriver which gives drivers the opportunity to update their deliveries, post call-in information, retrieve schedules, and view reports related to their loads, payments, etc.

CSIRoad online module features include:

  • Use Internet technology to enhance your business operations
  • Log-in features allow for multiple levels of security
  • All online applications integrate with CSIRoad
  • Tender, track, and edit loads online
  • Customers and prospects may request quotes, field agents can submit, review, edit, and confirm quote requests
  • Drivers can download the next day's schedule and settlement sheets
  • Web hosting and web site design available.

CSIRoad is the right solution for you!!

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