CSIRoad provides innovative software solutions for the BROKER to bring transportation firms and their customers together.

As a freight broker, your primary responsibility is to provide the most effective means of transporting loads for the companies you serve. To perform your job well, you must know where those loads are going and have the ability to stay in close contact with your customers at all times. The CSIRoad brokerage operations software is a powerful organizational tool that gives you and your customers the ability to track loads and carriers at any point during the shipping process. Carriers can also bid on new loads as soon as they become available, which greatly increases the chances of landing the project. The immediate access to critical information virtually eliminates the need for human contact while also saving time and hassles.

As a CSIRoad brokerage operations software user, you will be able to take advantages of a host of key features including:

  • Simplified billing that makes submitting invoices a snap
  • Flexible dispatch sheets that can be tailored to your business
  • Online access that enables customers to tender and/or track loads, prospects to get quotes, and carriers and drivers to bid on open projects
  • Online carrier ranking capabilities
  • Simplified integration to DOE fuel surcharges and Load Boards
  • Online integration for all parties involved in a broker transaction, including carriers, customers, agents and prospects
  • Numerous agent and carrier payment options
  • Easy way to accommodate “special charges”.
  • Ability to negotiate and generate rate addendums
  • Variety of document imaging tools
  • Capability to perform carrier checks to verify insurance coverage, equipment, lanes and much more
  • Numerous business analysis reports, including the ability to rank by past performance
  • Dynamic rating features, including accessorial charges for automated bill rating

CSI Road: A Widely Recognized Transportation Software Leader

CSIRoad is proud to be regarded as a trailblazer in the development of transportation software solutions that allow our customers to operate more efficiently, which ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line. Our software can streamline the scheduling process, which benefits carriers, customers and the brokers who bring the two together. Our software is easy to use and can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your business. You’ll also experience service and support that is unmatched in the transportation software industry.

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For example:
• Keep Fill or Inventory Management for our customer's tracks readings, forecasts requirements and generates orders for dispatching.
• The Dispatching function provides us with an updated view of "what is happening". Consequently, we are using drivers and equipment more efficiently and have experienced a reduction of miles driven while increasing workload.
• Scanning of documents, easy maintenance of fuel surcharge as well as other accessorial charges, automatic rating capability, and ability to email invoices and supporting documents have resulted in significant reduction in number of days to get documents to our customer. "