CSIRoad's Freight Brokering Software gives you the flexibility you need to run your business and provide agents with the tools they need to manage theirs.

Our Freight Brokering Software includes the following:

  • Streamlined Integration to Load Boards and DOE fuel surcharges
  • Website access for your customers to tender/track loads, prospects to obtain quotes, and Carriers/Drivers to bid for work
  • Internet integration for Agents, Carriers, Prospects, and Customers
  • Customized dispatch sheets
  • Online carrier ranking
  • Streamlined billing
  • Multiple carrier and agent pay options
  • Rate Addendums
  • Business Analysis reports, including ranking by performance
  • Customizable dispatch sheets specific to your business
  • Optimal rating features, including accessorial charges for auto rating of bills
  • Numerous Carrier pay options
  • Complete and integrated Accounting system
picture of a freight on the road

With CSIRoad Freight Brokering Software, you now have the tools to attain your goals! Freight brokering software from CSIRoad is easy to use, flexible, comprehensive, and fast. At CSIRoad, we only employ the most knowledgeable programmers and trainers who are dedicated to providing our clients with specialized support and service. We also customize all of our software packages to suit your business and needs.