You'll be amazed at how one easy-to-use software solution can streamline the entire fleet management process.

Haphazard fleet maintenance practices can cost your company dearly in terms of lost productivity and the failure to adequately serve your customer base. And that's not even considering the huge expenses resulting from major repairs or having to replace vehicles well before their time. The Fleet Maintenance module from CSIRoad will help you manage and maintain every nut and bolt on each vehicle in your fleet. You'll experience lower overall maintenance costs and greater productivity by keeping your trucks on the road and out of the repair shop.

Valuable benefits of our Web-based fleet management software solution include:

  • Track fleet wear by key criteria such as mileage, fuel consumption, time and hours of operation
  • Simplified repair and maintenance processing by imputing labor, warranty, part and outside repair information
  • Record fleet information at multiple locations
  • Seamless integration with other critical aspects of your operation such as accounting, dispatching, safety and more

Why Choose a Fleet Management System From CSIRoad?

CSIRoad has been providing innovative software solutions for the transportation industry since 1990. Our products are known for their flexibility, simplicity of use and their ability to provide seamless integration of a wide range of data. We also back our software solutions with the best customer support in the industry.

Try Our Fleet Management System on a Risk-Free Basis

You can try out our fleet management system without risk by contacting us to request a free demo. You have nothing to lose, and only a more productive and cost-efficient transportation operation to gain!

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With a fleet management software program from CSIRoad, you'll have total control of every aspect of your fleet operations, which will increase the productivity of your drivers and help you get the most out of every vehicle. By maximizing performance and minimizing operating costs, our fleet management program will make your company's bottom line look so much better.

Enhanced Fleet Maintenance to Keep Your Vehicles on the Road

If your trucks aren't on the road, your company isn't making money. Our fleet management program includes fleet maintenance software that makes it easy to track vehicle wear and tear, monitor maintenance and repairs, and more. You'll be able to avoid expensive major repairs that put your vehicles out of commission for extended periods of time or even lead to their premature demise.

A Dispatcher's Best Friend

Our fleet management program includes state-of-the-art truck dispatch software that makes a dispatcher's job so much easier. Dispatchers enjoy simplified tracking of driver hours, pickup and delivery times, maintenance schedules, load locations and much more. They also have the ability to customize the features to fit their operating style.

Fully Integrated Software Solution

The CSIRoad fleet management program is a fully integrated software solution that seamlessly combines data from every key aspect of the fleet management process. You'll get easy access to relevant data in a streamlined format, helping you make key business decisions quickly and accurately. You'll only have to enter data once, which will save you a substantial amount of time over the course of a busy workday.

Experience You Can Count On

CSIRoad has been providing reliable fleet management programs for companies in all transportation specialties since 1990. We understand that each company is unique, and our flexible software solutions can be customized to your specific business needs. Our team of software professionals will work closely with your staff throughout the product design and implementation phase to ensure your program meets your requirements, and that your users know how to operate it efficiently. We'll also be there to provide prompt technical support whenever you need it.

Request a Free Software Demo

Still not convinced that the CSIRoad fleet management program is right for your business? Remove all doubt by taking advantage of our free demo offer! You can try our software on a risk-free basis, enabling you to make your purchasing decision with complete confidence. Request a demo today!