Vessel to Port to Trailer/Chassis to consignee to Yard and back again.

With our truly global and modern transportation system, it's not out of the question that you'll need to move goods using multiple modes and keep track of containers. That's where CSIRoad comes in with intermodal software.

Unlike other software systems that focus solely on trucking, CSIRoad intermodal dispatch software is truly "resource blind" and made to work with any mode of transportation. Whether you need to manage a shipload of containers, a shipload of goods, or a truckload shipment, we're there to ensure you can do so effectively.

The CSIRoad Intermodal Application Module has features such as:

  • Integration to Ports, Railhead, and DOE fuel surcharges
  • Financial Services (Comdata and others) for your drivers
  • Website access for your customer to tender/track loads, prospects to obtain quotes, and brokers to bid for work
  • Handles Container Exchanges, Street Turns, Dray Moves, Chassis, and Days Free
  • DVIR Capture and Reporting
  • Strong Container Search tools
  • Accounting for different move types, including import/export, street turns, and the use of dedicated vehicles.
  • Container invoicing for rental, storage, and repairs on units.
  • Depot (yard) Inventory, including Exchanges
  • Tracking of Active or Inactive Containers
  • Booking Numbers, Vessel ID's
  • Document Imaging tools
  • Business Analysis reports, including ranking by performance
  • Customizable dispatch sheets specific to your business
  • Optimal rating features, including accessorial charges for auto rating of bills
  • Numerous driver pay options
  • Reporting features are flexible

CSIRoad is the right solution for you!!

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