Using the right trucking accounting software package adds up to a more cost-efficient operation.

We have truck accounting software that integrates with our other software to make your financial worries go away. You'll be able to perform virtually any truck accounting function with ease. And the best part is how seamlessly they integrate. Here are some of the many CSIRoad truck accounting software options below that will make you love transportation management!

Freight Billing

The Freight Billing application allows you to adjust, rate, print, or electronically transmit freight bills. Best of all, with CSIRoad truck accounting software nothing has to be re-keyed; the billing information updates from dispatching. Additionally, all billing information flows to the other accounting modules when updated.

  • Simultaneous online access to relevant information
  • Customer Information, Collections, and Accounting
  • Interacts with supplemental IMAGING applications

Driver Settlement

  • Receives Settlement information from dispatching and freight billing
  • Updates settlement data to payroll and/or accounts payable
  • Provides the ability to pay Drivers, Power Units, and Trailers by percent of load revenue, miles run, hours worked, flat amount, or a combination thereof
  • Accommodates trip advances/returns and any other on-the-road expense
  • Generates fuel and mileage and IRP apportion tag reports
  • Allows authorized users to view all details on previously settled records
  • Download Fuel purchases from financial supplier
  • eDriver for driver internet access to secure settlement current and historical information

Accounts Receivable

  • Direct access to freight bills and supporting documents
  • Ability to fax or email freight bills and supporting documents directly from AR
  • Full collection capability, such as notes on each transaction to when collection calls should be made
  • accommodates one payment on a Master bill or detailed payments
  • Effectively addresses short and unapplied payments
  • Ability to apply payments by customer or invoice
  • Processes credit and debit memos, as well as miscellaneous invoices
  • User defined aging categories
  • Multi company capable
  • Full range of AR reports

Accounts Payable

  • Tracks multiple checking and AP accounts
  • Processes Recurring Vouchers
  • Integrates with Driver Settlement
  • Accommodates "hand" and/or "quick" checks
  • Generates Cash Requirement reports
  • Prints checks and 1099 forms
  • Direct deposit and electronic 1099 filing
  • Calculates due and discount dates automatically
  • Audit checks to preclude duplicate payment
  • On line cash requirements information
  • Quick and manual check options
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It's all there when you use state-of-the art accounting software for trucking from CSIRoad. Our truck accounting software is just one more reason why since 1990 CSIRoad has been the software company transportation professionals like you have come to "count on!" Since we are based in south-central Pennslvania, which is one of the top areas in the United States for the trucking industry, we will be able to understand you and your business. Page last updated on 11/14/2013