The challenge is to effectively manage a warehouse complex and integrate work flow seamlessly with your trucking operations.

The CSIRoad Warehouse Management Module enables you to manage your warehouse operation in an organized, logical fashion. This fully integrated warehouse software module of the CSIRoad Suite allows you to streamline your business while maintaining a versatile, fully customizable system. The increased visibility and accessibility of warehouse commodities and optimum use of storage space our warehouse software programs can provide will enhance the performance of your warehouse business quickly and easily. The net result from utilizing CSIRoad's warehouse distribution software and the CSIRoad Suite is a system with the ultimate flexibility and high-performance technology to keep you competitive in today’s market.

The CSIRoad Warehouse Management Module has features such as:

  • Fully customizable setup of the Warehouse, Sections, Aisles, & Racks
  • Integration with CSIRoad Dispatch for the processing & movement of Inbound & Outbound Warehouse orders
  • Allows the warehouse owner/manager to accept External Inbound/Outbound orders from outside Carriers
  • Ability to produce Point of Sale invoices for instant, direct payment(s)
  • Ability to track Internal component movements quickly and easily
  • Produce storage invoices on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis with integration to CSIRoad Accounts Receivable
  • Document Imaging
  • Integration from Warehouse directly into Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Settlement, Payroll, and General Ledger
  • Reporting options, including Activity, Usage, Layout, & Physical Count(s), just to name a few

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